Deanne (April 1999)

My second figure shoot ever, Deanne was also my first professional model. She previously had long hair, but chopped it all off on a whim. At the time Tank Girl had been released in the cinemas, so I got the idea of a slightly punk, in your face military character, and Deanne lapped it up!

Like my first shoot, I feel my skills were not evolved enough yet to be able to take full advantage of Deanne’s wonderful figure. But there are moments, like the image where she is stretched up into a metal frame, and I can see I am learning from my previous mistakes.

Deanne loved posing. She loved playing the character. A good time was had by all, but sadly I lost contact with her shortly after, and she never returned to modelling that I saw.

For film nerds, the two colour shots are both AGFA Ultra 50. This extremely high contrast film needed to be dialed back a lot in contrast and in reds after scanning the negative.  It was just too punchy and not a good choice for such a high contrast environment.

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