Lovers (June 2013)


After shooting polite images of single models all my career, I had often contemplated the complexities of capturing lovers at play in that personal space normally reserved for one another.  I wanted to capture the real deal. The project was a challenge on many levels – Could I successfully walk the wavering blurred line between art and porn? Would I botch the shoot? Could I even find a couple willing to share their sexuality with the world by posing for me?

Obviously, the answer to the last question was “yes,” although it took a couple of years.  But the first two questions can only be answered by the viewer.  Did I go too far?  Or is it just right?

I am nervous about this set – they are unlike anything I have ever done before, and it took over half a year for me to decide to post them.  And even then, the image choice was agonising.

But it’s not about me – it’s about the wonderful people who were willing to let us into their private lives, to see first hand how they relate to each other.  Their emotions are real, and on display for us all to see. Is that such a bad thing?

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