Sydney Ryder (June 2014)

After an absence from shooting for over half a year, I decided to get back into things with a themed bicycle shoot in a studio, with Sydney Ryder.  Sydney’s naturally slender form was a perfect choice for such a shoot. I opted to only do two setups – after all, how many ways can you shoot “girl on a bike”?  🙂 I opted for two styles, one high contrast colour and the other a softer more shadow-driven monochrome.  The high contrast look was a bit of a risk – Sydney is more tanned than she looks here, but I managed to get the right amount of direct light and over-exposure to get the look I wanted.

Sydney was a champion – it was a blisteringly cold day with high winds banging on the roller doors, but she soldiered on.

As always, styling and makeup by the amazing Julia.

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    1. I haven’t seen new work from her for a while. She’s a great model and easy to work with too.

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