Elie Winter

Elie Winter II (June 2015)

It was the longest winter.

I previously had my first and only shoot with Elie in 2010. She was seriously good: able to internalise the vibe of the shoot and return amazing poses to me in spades. Fearless, she was completely comfortable with her work, ready to play and explore, and connect on a mental level. She was nothing short of amazing.

But no sooner than I had shot with her, she retired, setting off a deep winter for my creative photography.

I kept dropping her notes every year of so, but alas she had moved on.

Five years later, out of the blue, we caught up and agreed to shoot. And then this happened, in a hotel room – I’d never normally shoot in a hotel. We drew upon each other and the location to come up with a series of visually different themes. Sometimes they are art, sometimes they are bordering on the erotic. But all of the time, they are 100% Elie.

She retired again. But I still selfishly hold hope I can create again with this amazing person.

Elie Winter (August 2010)

I had the pleasure of having a shoot with the amazing Elie Winter in 2010.  She is a wonderfully creative model and a beautiful person.  I’ve never worked with someone so giving and so keen to assist the creative process.  I want to have lightning strike twice, but alas, Elie has retired.  Gone too soon.

At least we have these.

Makeup and hair by Julia Dyson.